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This program is for ISHR members and equines only. Must remain a current/active member for an entire year to receive awards and recognition at the end of the year.

Members must keep log sheet record (per equine)for time spent in leisure riding and/or driving. (such as trial rides, group outings, parades, training, etc...) A separate log sheet is required for each ISHR equine being used in this program. The log sheets can be turned in monthly or at the end of the year. (no later than Dec. 1st of any given year) ISHR does supply the Ride/Drive Log Sheet.

A Processing Fee of $2.00 is required each time a log sheet is turned in to the ISHR office.

AWARDS FOR RIDE/DRIVE PARTICIPATION: special award certificates are given to members for logging in hours totaling 50 - 75 - 150 hours by years end. Special Awards are given for any member that accumulates 500 and 1,000 hours by years end. (all riding/driving logging hours are on an honor system with each participating member)


ISHR will recognize and honor ALL show points, from ANYWHERE, that ISHR equines participate in. A signed verification form from a Show Official of the event/class and points earned must be turned in to the ISHR office no later than 60 days from the show date. (ISHR does supply show point forms) A one time yearly fee of $25 is required with the first show sheet OR you may still just pay the $3.00 processing fee per show verification form. (your discretion)

ISHR will award SHOW RECOGNITION CERTIFICATES to members who earns 20 points in a years time. (see below for NEW 4 Step Point Program for even MORE AWARDS!) An ACHIEVEMENT CERTIFICATE shall be awarded to members that earn 60 or more points by year end time.

ROM - YEAR END HIGH POINT TROPHY shall be awarded to a member for earning the most points in a year. Member MUST remain a current, active member for the entire year to qualify and receive trophy. All show point forms must be turned in to ISHR office no later than Dec. 1st. This ROM trophy is a "keeper" trophy. When a member wins the ROM 3 years in a row - a special ISHR ROM TROPHY will be awarded.

**NEW: An additional "LEVEL AWARDS PROGRAM" has been added. It is a 4 step program designed for different levels of achievement.

1) Register Of Merit (ROM) with a certificate @ 20 points

2) SUPERIOR Award wtih a certificate @ 100 points

3) ISHR CHAMPION with a certificate @ 4 different ROM's

4) ISHR SUPREME CHAMPION with a certificate @ 4 different Superiors


This program was designed by ISHR to give people whose equines are registered with another "spotted" registry/association extra recognition by registering their equine with ISHR.

A person shall receive FREE MEMBERSHIP for (1) one year PLUS a $5.00 discount on the registration fee! (if already a paid, current member of ISHR the free membership does not apply)

To join this program, a person must send in a membership application along with the ISHR registration application ALONG with a copy of the "other" spotted registration certificate. The membership and registration applications must be sent in at same time. A person can register as many qualified equines as they desire throughout their free membership year (as long as a copy of the other certificate accompanies each application form for registration).


This program was established to give owners of (10) or more "spotted" equines a substantial registration discount. All equines must be registered at the same time to recieve the discount in registration fees. Below is a breakdown of how much a spotted horse owner can save in registration fees!


10 to 19 horses registered as a group at one time = $15.00 ea.

20 or more registered as a group at one time = $12.00 ea.


4 to 9 horses registered as a group at one time = $17.00 ea.

PLUS you will recieve a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP with the large Herd Discount! A year free membership with the "Small Herd Discount".

The savings in registration fees are all quite substantial! It saves to register horse herds with ISHR!


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